Cultural Dialogue 02.03 – 14.03. 2024

Kulttuurien vuoropuhelua – Cultural Dialogue

02.03 – 14.03. 2024

at EU-MAN Gallery Cultural Centre Kaapelitehdas, C or B, 3rd floor. Helsinki, Finland

Opening hour 9:00-18:00

Vernissage: 01.03.2024 Friday 17:30-19:00

Cultural umbrellas are formed, for example, by models provided by nations, institutions, organizations or other collective structures, covering both material and immaterial elements.

Culture is always collective, consisting of various established factors, as part of which we adopt and learn our basic world of values, such as individual rights and equality, social skills, attitudes and action models, as well as beliefs and values, but not always with complete consensus.

The artists in our exhibition participate in this conversation through their works.


Timo Ala-Vähälä

Victoria Björklund

Chenming Dan

Pirjo Hassinen

Heta Kasurinen

Amir Khatib

Sijia Ke

Serena Morina

Shaoqiang Wang

Curator: Mari Blomroos-Heininen, Hong Liu-Sertti

Co-op: EU-MAN gallery