FEELINGS / 触感 20.2.-3.3.2019


TEEMU MÄKI / 提穆 . 馬奇

Galleria Kookos is operating in new space and we welcome all former and new gallery guests to Runeberginkatu 17 in Helsinki.

Two artists with strong expression will exhibit their works in the opening exhibition.

Deng Jianjin, the bright name of Chinese contemporary art, was born in 1961 in Guangdong, China. He has already emerged as a prominent representative of Chinese Contemporary Art. He has been awarded many prestigious awards and honors in his home country and abroad. For the first time in Finland, Professor Deng Jianjin has joined the Finnish and Chinese group exhibition Wonderful Gates in Galleria Kookos last year. Deng Jianjin’s works are in numerous art museums, galleries and public collections in China. He has visited the United States, Russia, Japan and Australia. His works have also been featured in several European countries such as Italy, Austria, Spain, France and Portugal. In north of the Alps, Professor Deng Jianjin has introduced himself in Estonia, Sweden and Finland. His works are also available in several collections in these countries.
He is Professor of Oil Painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and is an active player in the Chinese art world.

Teemu Mäki, the other artist in the exhibition, is an incredibly versatile and true artist. He has created an impressive career as a representative of Finnish contemporary art. Teemu Mäki (1967, Lapua) is an artist, writer, theater / film director and researcher.

Since 1990, he has worked as a freelancer with the exception of 2008–2013, when he was a professor of visual arts at Aalto University. He is also a Doctor of Fine Arts, 2005. Currently he is the Chairman of the Finnish Artists’ Association.

Mäki describes his activities as follows: “I work in all areas of art, philosophy and politics with all necessary means. The results are usually some kind of visual art, literature, theater, film or theory. For me, art is the most flexible, versatile and holistic form of philosophy and politics.”

Teemu Mäki has had 51 private exhibitions and participated in about 200 group exhibitions. He has also wrote seven books and directed and written numerous theater performances, films and operas.


Vernissage Tuesday 02.19.2019. 6-8 pm. Welcome!