Interaction between nature and man 18.02 – 29.02. 2024

Luonnon ja ihmisen vuorovaikutus – Interaction between nature and man

18.02 – 29.02. 2024

at EU-MAN Gallery Cultural Centre Kaapelitehdas, C or B, 3rd floor. Helsinki, Finland

Opening hour 10:00-19:00

Vernissage: 17.02.2024 Saturday at 17-19

The relationship between man and nature is determined by many historical and cultural factors. The environment and its values are also reflected in the individual’s relationship with nature. The artists of the exhibition deal with the phenomena of the interaction between nature and man through their own art, while also giving the opportunity to examine the relationship of our time with nature.


Magdalena Augustin

Shijie Hai

Pirjo Hassinen

Heng Jiang

Amir Khatib

Riitta Kilpi

Maire Keinänen

Taru Kilpinen

Anna-Leena Kinnunen

Olli korkala

Paula Mikkilä

Reijo Perko

Nina Wallenstjerna-Heiskanen

Kerstin Sunabacka

Maj-Lis Tanner

Sari-Aino Tolonen

Terhi Tree


Curator: Mari Blomroos-Heininen, Hong Liu-Sertti

Co-op: EU-MAN gallery