Jianjin Deng was born in 1961 in Guangdong. In 1986, he graduated from the Art Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi. Now he is the professor of the Fourth Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
SOLO Exhibition
1988 Deng Jianjin’s Art Exhibtion                                                Guangzhou  Xinghe Exhibition Hall
2002 Deng Jianjin’s Oil Painting Exhibition                          Art Institute of Qinghua University
2009 “Lust·Suppression” Today Art Museum Beijing
2012 “Sob Theater” Art Museum of GAFA
2012 “Dreamlands Of Desire” Tokyo Gallery+Beijing Tokyo Art project
2013 “He is our abyss” FEI Gallery

Group Exhibition:(excerpt)
2016 “Multiplicity Art from China” Sweden Svaneholms Slotts
2015 “Contemporarying ” MingYuan Art Museum in Shanghai
2015 “Art Historical Flashbacks” ELION Art Gallery in Beijing
2015 “Biennale China-Italia” Msatio Delia Cittadella, Torion, Italia
2014 “1199 People Collection from Long Museum” Gallery 1&2,Long Museum-West Bund
2014 “Scatter–Diverse Visual Art and Experimental Design.” University of South Australia
2014 “1960” Springs Center of Art in 798 Art Zone
2013 “Voice of the Unseen / Chinese Independent Art. ” Arsenale in Venice, Italy
2012 “Chinese scene” Cathedrale Notre-Dame Strasbourg
2009 “Across Walls and Fences” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Austria
2006 “Unban Status—Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ” Estonia, Tallinn Art Museum
1994 “ Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition   ”          USA (New York. Los Angeles)