“Drawing, woodwork and bronze are my main techniques. I do mostly figurative sculpting. In addition to bronze and wood, I have used ceramics, rock, polyesterharz, fiberglass, glass, sheet metal, and other materials for my sculptures.
The physical size of a sculpture is essential in sculpting and that is why the scale of the work is closely connected to the chosen material. Similarly when it comes to the message of the work the choice of the material is important. The surface structure, used colors, welding seam… or any other aspect which seems to be only technical, can also be connected to the message of the work. The name of the piece is naturally the clearest link to its message. Everything has an effect on everything and what makes working with different materials interesting is when one tries to attain co-operation between the message and the technique.
In each of my private exhibitions I have tried to concentrate on one theme that puts together several topics. My exhibitions have been under this theme already in the sketching phase of the project. I have worked with some themes for four to five years and that has resulted in several exhibitions, not just one.
Limiting the theme has liberated my work as a concentrated thought has resulted in new, more precise viewpoints. Sometimes plans change and the end result is something completely different from the original plan, but I nevertheless always have a plan. There is a plan for larger entities as well as for a particular piece of work. The plan may be a light sketch, detailed drawings from different angles of view or a scale model, etc.
One reason for making a sketch can be the material of the finalized piece of work. The material may be really expensive. A good sketch or scale model is an aiding medium if working with the material of the final piece is slow or it is very large or if there is no time for many experimental sculpting rounds.
Despite the sketches and scale models I find my work interesting and explorative. The sketch is only an intermediate stage. There are always surprises and changes as the work goes on. The conversation starts for real only after there is something concrete to be seen.”
— Juha Menna

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