I’m an artist, writer, theatre director and researcher based in Helsinki, Finland. I’m also a Doctor of Fine Arts
(Academy of Fine Arts, Finland, 2005) and the Chairman of The Artists’ Association of Finland.
To me art is the best way to respond to the questions: “How should we live? Why should we keep on living?
What is good life?” Art is the most flexible, versatile and holistic form of philosophy and politics.
– 53 solo exhibitions, for example in Helsinki Art Hall, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Laznia Museum of
Contemporary Art (Gdansk, Poland), Art Museum of Estonia (Rotterman, Tallinn, Estonia), Kemi City Art
Museum, Aine Art Museum, Lönnström Museum, Jyväskylä City Art Museum, Oulu City Art Museum,
Lapua Art Museum, Kunstihoone Tallinn, Freud’s Dream Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Gallery
Hippolyte, Galerie Anhava, Cable Gallery, Forum Box, MUU Gallery, Gallery Nefret, Gallery Peri…
– 210 group exhibitions.
– Taiteen tehtävä (Into Kustannus 2017). Essays.
– Äidin oma (LIKE 2016). Poems.
– Maalarin silmin (Into Kustannus 2014). A book about painting (artistic research).
– Rääkypönttö (WSOY 2010). Poems.
– Kuolevainen (WSOY 2008). Poems.
– Darkness Visible – Essays on Art, Philosophy and Politics (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki 2007,
orig. 2005, revised second print WSOY 2008).
– Teemu Mäki (Like 2002). A book about my visual art.
Theater (director & writer)
– The Gospel of Christmas. Written & directed by Teemu Mäki, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, 2018.
– Sinusta tulee koivu / You’ll Be a Tree. Written/directed by Teemu Mäki, STOA, Helsinki, 2017.
– The Judge’s Wife, Riikka Talvitie’s opera, directed by Teemu Mäki, Balder’s House, Helsinki, 2017.
– Transformations. Written/directed by Teemu Mäki (& Transfoces), Madhouse Helsinki 2016.
– Autuus / Bliss. An opera composed by Antti Auvinen, directed by Teemu Mäki, HMC, 2015.
– Teoreema. Directed by Teemu Mäki & Niina Hosiasluoma, Takomo Theater, Helsinki, 2014.
– Woyzeckmaterial. Directed by Teemu Mäki & Arja Tiili, Teater Viirus, Helsinki, 2012.
– All Matters. Directed by Teemu Mäki & Arja Tiili, Kiasma Theatre & STOA Helsinki, 2010–2011.
– Harmonia. Written by Teemu Mäki (& Juha-Pekka Hotinen), Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia, 2007–2008.
– Sulkapallo-ooppera / Badminton Opera. Teemu Mäki / Juha-Pekka Hotinen / Max Savikangas, Kiasma
Theatre, National Gallery, Helsinki, 2005.
Films, Videos and Radio works
– Refugee Conversations. Written and directed by Teemu Mäki, with Max Savikangas, YLE Radio, 2017.
– Madness and Civilization. Directed by Teemu Mäki, commissioned by YLE Radio & TV, 2014.
– …and 37 other works since 1988. Screened and exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals. First
retrospective of video works held in Finnish National Gallery (Finland) 1995.
Works in Public Collections
Kiasma (Finnish National Gallery), Helsinki City Art Museum (Finland), Sara Hildén Art Museum (Tampere),
EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art (Finland), Oulu City Art Museum (Finland), State Art Collection
(Finland), Saastamoinen Foundation (Espoo, Finland), Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum (Finland), Lapua Art
Museum (Finland), Aine Art Museum (Finland), Nelimarkka Foundation (Finland), Aalto University (Finland).
Teaching and Curating
Professor of Fine Arts in Aalto University (2008–2013). Lecturing and teaching in various universities since
1990. Keynote speaker in conferences. Curated exhibitions/events/festivals. Jury member in competitions.
Grants, Scholarships, Residencies and Prizes
Received 112 grants, scholarships, residency grants and prizes.