“XiangMing Ye is one of the representatives of New Freehandism.

XiangMing Ye´s artistic experience can be divided into three stages: He was featured by figurative realism in the early stage and started to explore abstract expressionism with his works title´Action No. 1´ in 1989. Then he entered a new area of exploration of New Freehandism in 2009 when he created a piece of work ´The Blues Series No. 84´.

His works have been exhibited in many countries, including China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

By creating hieroglyphic symbols in his works, XiangMing Ye has become an adept in capturing the longing and loneliness of modern people in isolated relationship. His recent works tend to focus on the mysteries of human life and universe. He escapes from the history and break the constraints of rules to explore the truth about the universe by pursuing the practice of  New Freehandism.”

– Dr. GuoHui Chen, Art Historian


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