Makoto Oshima
1964  Born in Japan
1988 B.F.A Painting Aichi Prefectural University of Arts.
Overseas Study Award at NIKA Exhibition
1995 Encouragement Prize The Bankaku Prize Art Exhibition (03 Executive prize )
The Paris Prize at NIKA Exhibition
1997 The ART BOX New Face Exhibition
2001 Morikazu Kumagai Grand Prize Exhibition (03.05.07,09,11 award candidate)
2002 Excellent Prize at Gifu Exhibition
2003 Mihama Art Exhibition(
2004 Toyota Art Exhibition Art Triennale
2005 Ymehiroba Haruhi Art Biennale (09.12)
Solo Exhibition Haruhi Museum of Aichi
2006 Art in Nagoya-Until and From Now
Encouragment Prize FlowerArtGrand Prize Exhibition
Runner-up at Izu Art Festivai Painting Contest
Superior prize at Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
The Kojin Toneyama Memorial Prize Exhibition Bennale
Jinzukyo Art Triennale
Biennale KUMAMOTO(08)
Solo Exhibition Gallery Garaku,Aichi (
2007 Daikokuya Gallery Prize at NIKA Exhibition
2009 Associate Member Prize NIKA Exhibition
2011 Runner –up prize at Morikazu Kumagai Grand Prize Exhabition
2013 Solo Exhibition O Gallery .Tokyo (
2016 5/R Gallery Prize NIKA Exhibition
Grand Prize Mihama Art Exhibition

Porated Association Member at NIKA
Collection: Uenonomori Royal Museum (Japan Tokyo) many more