Visual Artist

Mari Blomroos-Heininen living and working in Helsinki. She has arthistory studies and Visual artist graduate.
Mari Blomroos-Heininen is activ member in many artist association organisation in Finland. She works curator and
exhibitioncoordinator in gallery, artist organnizations and other privite artists.
She paint using different techniques, making paintings and portraits. She also do graphics, photography and
The beginning of the work consists of ideas and revelations, which then evolve into technical implementation and
presentation – all the while being a dynamic, everchanging development process. A new concreteness and reality is
born. The past and lived life, the present and the future, everything that is possible meet and greet each other. The
absudity of the encounter between different elements surprises – there are no actual boundaries
Mari Blomroos-Heininen’s personal exhibition activity is compromized of personal, collective, group and private
exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In this year her exhibitions has been mainly other countries.
Year 2019 started by Solo ehibition Garden of Life, in Yueyi Art Museum, Guanzhou, and after that was Uusikaupunki
in Finland, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Beijing jn China, Venice in Italy, Osaka in Japan, New York in USA, Helsinki in
Finland, Berlin in Germany, and now Diversity and Harmony, Daiichi Modern Art Gallery 20th Anniversiary
international Academic Art Exhibition and end of this year We Contemporary Art Show/Musa Art Space, Prague,
Czech Republic.

Artist Mari Blomroos-Heininen


“Her journey as a human being in this world runs the creative microcosm of the Finnish artist, becoming a narrative element. She
firmly believes that beauty can also exist in the contemporary world, that leads her to create harmonious places of art, in which to
feel comfortable, where the choice of a “soft” color range envelops the viewer. Flowers or landscapes represent metaphors to
express human elements to reflect on the injustices and contradictions of society as well as of an insecure and harsh world. Her
research moves between a pictorial part that investigates the figurative side and also its opposite, the installations. Both are
languages to create encounters on an emotional level, to give shape to the phenomenology of life. Her artistic world is definately a
“deeply personal experience”, as she herself says based on her own perceptions and her own interpretation of the world and its
phenomena. Everyone approaches art with their own perspective and the great thing is that art allows us to welcome all
interpretations and relate them to each other.

Prof. Laura Di Trapani, Art historian and independent curatorCritic of contemporary art