Petri Kiviniemi 

Born 1966 Sculptor, Painter, Musician

00-02 BA complementary studies, Tampere Polytechnic, Art and Media, Finland 99 Tampere Polytechnic, Art and Media, specialization studies, Finland

Private exhibitions

Voipaala Artcenter, Sculpture exhibition, Valkeakoski, saaksmaki, Finland, summer 2007 Artcenter Maltinranta, Tampere, Finland, 2005
Gallery Brinkkala, Turku, Finland, Culture centre, Robots and motorheads 2001 Gallery Myotatuuli, Raahe, Finland (with Heli Innala) 1999
Gallery Leonardo, Tampere, Finland (with Matti Kuronen) 1998 Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, Finland (with Visa Suonpaa) 1997 Artcenter Maltinranta, Studio ,Tampere, Finland 1997
” Poundings”, Nokia Arthouse, Nokia, Finland 1996


Finnish Cultural Foundation, Pirkanmaa Foundation, Finland 2005 Alli and Allan Salo’ s stipend, Finland 2003
Tampere city artist-stipend, Finland 1999
Finnish Cultural Foundation residence-stipend, Barcelona, Spain 1997


Gallery Kookos, At This moment 2020Tampere University, Finland 1994 Finnish Young Artist exhibition, Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland 1995
Art-Ark, art-expo, Tampere, Finland 1995 Gallery Ariel, Tampere, Finland 1996
My picture, Your picture”, Sara Hildens Art Museum, Tampere, Finland 1997-98 ” Kaarina Suonio selections”, Artcenter Maltinrata, Studio, Tampere, Finland 1997 ” Doll, Art or Not Art?”, Dress-and dollmuseum, Tampere, Finland 1999
Best in Pirkanmaa”, Cathedral Crypta Helsinki, Finland 1999
Lights”, Tampere, Finland, Tampere Artist-association 80-year exhibition 2000 Joensuu Art-museum, Kiasma’s (Helsinki contemporary art museum, Finland) ambulotory cartoon exhibition
Who will i call next?” Local cartoon drawhappening 2000 Pirkanmaa 1. triennale, Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland 2000
Avanto festivals, Helsinki, Finland, EARTHMOVERMOVIE 9 min. 2001 Gallery Marziart, Hamburgh, Germany 2003
Kuhmalahtis Art _presbytery, Russian and Finnish Environmental Art, Kuhmalahti, Finland 2005 Ava Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2006
Pirkanmaan 3 triennale, Tampere, Finland 2006
Centro Cultura de injustica Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2006
Art for Chelmek, galleria Epicentrum, Culturecenter, Chelmek, Poland 2005

2006 China – “2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest” Finalist, 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Competition, Beijing, China.
There were 2433 entries from 82 countries. 290 designs selected to go on to compete for one of 29 medals, to be awarded in Beijing in fall 2007.

Scale models of all finalist designs are traveling to at least ten major cities between June 2006 and fall 2007.travelling exhibitions of the
sculpture models for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Selected works will also travel internationally.

The exhibition travel toBeijing(Jintai Museum,June 23 _ July 3, 2006), Tianjin(Tianjin Square), Xiamen(Wuyuanwan Feature Street Plaza), Zhengzhou, Changchun(Changchun World Sculptures Park), Lanzhou(Dongfanghong Square), Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Ningbo, Nanning, Shenzhen, Hong Kong , Macao… 13 differend places.

Ihan Pihalla 2007 – Sculpture exhibition, Rautiala center, Artplace Jussi Vikanen, Vehmaa, Finland, summer 2007.

Kaivanto Hospital, Villa Keisarinharju, Finland, summer 2007. Voipaala Artcenter, Saaksmaki, Valkeakoski, Finland, summer 2007. Art Center Lovely, Wonder Art, Tammela, Finland, 2008.

Millionaire club. Gallery Gjutars, Vantaa, Tikkurila, Finland, 2008.

Fluxations, International exhibition, Turku centrum , summer 2009

Public works

Boldness, Akaa/Viiala, Haihunkoski, Finland 2008

Where Is Our Destiny? Akaa/Viiala, secondary school, Finland 2007 Redline, Tampere, Kaukajarvi library, Finland 2007

Abacus sculpture, Tampere, Sorila shool, Finland 2003

Books, Book assemblage, Viiala, municipal Library,Fin1and 2005

Transformation , Tampere, Vuores, Finland 2014

Music Project Moon Dust 2013-