Ursa Schoepper

Ursa Schoepper first completed her studies in Natural Science with state examination. In addition she completed a study in cultural management, state examinaten, with a concentration in fine arts, new media at Prof. Dr. Eckart Pankoke, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, Prof Dr. Michael Bockemühl. In her Agentur für Virtuelle Denkraeume she was working as a cultural manager. In 2001 she was awarded the Media Promotion Prize of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia for “Das Museum der abwesenden Bilder“. Since 2003 Ursa Schöpper has been working primarily as a photographic artist. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and she is the recipient of notable awards.

Nothing is as it seems at first; everything is in process and thus in change. By following an artistic idea, Ursa schoepper is creating autonomous pictures of the imagination. Her tool is a
professional camera and a sophisticated photo editing system. it is a conceptual process working with photographic material. Her art stands both. The artwork generates its own origin from the photography and in its result is an autonomous artwork.
Ursa Schoepper is developing autonomous artworks that exist as a virtual reality in a realistic photography. A digital photography is generated through an algorithmic grammar into
an autonomous work of fine art photography. It is a transformation of real objects into abstract objects, the transformation of the concrete image into an abstract artwork, an abstract autonomous photographic artwork.