WONDERFUL GATES / 众妙之门 31.07. – 18.08.2019

众妙之门 2019
Suomen ja Kiinan ja nykytaiteen toinen kutsunäyttely
The Second Invitational Exhibition of Finnish and Chinese Contemporary Art

Itämaisen filosofian kantavana ajatuksena on yhteys luontoon, jonka mukaan ihmisen tulisi elää luonnon kanssa sopusoinnussa. Luonto ja sen kanssa yhteydessä oleva elämänkulttuuri on myöskin aina ollut suomalaisuuden vahvaa ydintä. Kansainvälisen näyttelyn teemana on luonnon ja elämän vuorovaikutus eri kulttuurien taiteessa.

Vuonna 2018 järjestettiin ensimmäinen Wonderful Gates kutsunäyttely. Tavoitteena oli esitellä suomalaisen ja kiinalaisen nykytaiteen monimuotoisuutta ja samalla vahvistaa kansainvälistä taiteen vuorovaikutusta. Näyttelyiden kautta avautuu portteja myös yhteistyölle taiteen alueella.

Vuorossa on nyt toinen Wonderful Gates-näyttely, jossa taiteilijat avaavat näkemyksiään luonnosta ja elämästä.

The ancient Chinese philosophy is to connect with nature and that one should live in harmony with nature. Nature have also always been a strong core of Finnishness and is well involved within our life style. The theme of this international exhibition is the interaction between nature and life in the art of these two cultures.

In 2018, the first Wonderful Gates exhibition was held. The aim was to present the diversity of Finnish and Chinese contemporary art as well as strengthen international art interaction. These exhibitions is meant to open wonderful gates for cooperation between the art worlds.

There is now a second Wonderful Gates exhibition where artists open their views on nature and life.


Näyttelyn taiteilijat:
Jouni Onnela, Sophie Schubakoff, Peter Winquist, Li Dan 黎丹, Huang Dan 黄丹, Cai Tongxin 蔡同信

Dr. Chen Guohui 陈国辉博士, Mari Blomroos-Heininen

Exhibition time:
31.07. – 18.08.2019

Ke. 31.07. 2019, klo.18-20
31.07.2019, Wed. 6-8 pm
2019年7月31日 周三下午6到8点

We were very honored to have the Chinese Ambassador of Finland Mr. Chen Li, and his wife Mrs. Qin Sa, the Cultural Counselor Mr. You Yi, and many precious guests to attend the opening ceremony. Thank you very much!



Jouni Onnela

For centuries, the horse has lived alongside humans as a good partner, workmate, mount – in different roles, but also subjugated and poorly treated. Yet – the horse still lives close to man, but at the same time so far away, reacting instinctively to the environment, honestly and directly communicating its feelings.
Long-term cooperation with my own horse has allowed me to learn to understand the horse. I am trying to describe this communication in my works, the emotional state as expression and movement. What you should know in a partnership.

几个世纪以来,马与人类一起生活,作为一个好伙伴,同伴,坐骑 – 担任不同的角色,但也被征服和受到不公对待。 然而 – 马仍然与人类生活在一起,但与此同时,本能地与环境作出反应,诚实而直接地传达其感情。
Jouni在与自己的马长期的合作中学会了了解马。 他试图在他的铜塑作品中描述这种交流,将运动作为情感状态的描述。

Matka – Journey, Jouni Onnela, 2019, bronze, h 30 cm, unique

Kosketus – Touch (2), Jouni Onnela, 2018, bronze, h 28 cm, unique

Varsa ja varpunen – Foal and Sparrow, Jouni Onnela, 2019, bronze, h 28 cm,unique


Sophie Schubakoff

I developed my aesthetic from my nordic roots, creating an island that wants to escape from the 4 walls of the canvas to form a circular motion of calm. This idea has been present in my mind for many years but now it takes center stage. Otherwise colourful paintings have become white washed with winter, the nordic love and presence of white is fully embraced, hopefully, ultimately creating complete colourless paintings in the future. This is the beginning of a new motion of simplicity in the chaos of the elements that surround us. The “sisu” in the otherwise outwards cold exterior.

I received my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2011 from Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki, Finland (during the studies I took part in an exchange program in UCL Slade in London, UK). I have exhibited in New York, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Florence and many other countries. In Finland I have exhibited in Taidekeskus Salmela, Taidehalli, Sanomatalo, Kaapelitehdas and other galleries within Finland. I have been concentrating on my signature style and technique of acrylic painting for about 11 years now, I envision the world submerged underwater and have created a surreal environment for my imagination to roam free.


我于2011年在芬兰美术学院获得了美术硕士学位(在我参加英国伦敦UCL Slade的交流项目期间)。我曾在纽约,摩纳哥,阿布扎比,巴黎,佛罗伦萨和许多其他国家展出。在芬兰,我曾在Taidekeskus Salmela,Taidehalli,Sanomatalo,Kaapelitehdas和芬兰的其他画廊展出过。我一直专注于我的标志性风格和丙烯画的技术已有11年了,我想象世界淹没在水下,并创造了一个超现实的环境,让我的想象力自由漫游。

Planeetta XV-57, Sophie Schubakoff, ⌀ 101cm Acrylic paint on canvas, 2019

Insignitae, Sophie Schubakoff, ⌀ 101cm Acrylic paint on canvas, 2019

Glitch, Sophie Schubakoff , ⌀ 101cm Acrylic paint on canvas, 2019


Peter Winquist

Outside my Ceramic Studio in Eckerö, Åland, is the gate to ”Il Giardino Armonico”, our harmonic garden, where I find the main source of my inspiration. Here lies calmness, greens and flowers creating different forms and spaces and the possibility to follow the fascinating cycles of nature from up-close, cycles of which we are all part of. Seeds, flowers and fruits. The humbleness before the great. The life and respect for nature. It is all a great symphony.
My thoughts go often to Carl von Linné and the enormous contribution he made by building of the botanical system, basis for all life.
Today much of my work consists of making urns in the low fired ”Raku technic”. As in a symphony you have the ouvertyre, the main theme and so the final – so it is also in our lives .

在我的Åland的Eckerö陶瓷工作室外,是我们的花园“Il Giardino Armonico”的大门,在那里我找到了灵感的主要来源。 在这里,平静,绿色和鲜花创造出不同的形式和空间,并且可以从近距离的循环中追随迷人的,我们都是其中的一部分的自然循环。 种子,鲜花和水果。 伟大之前的谦卑。 生命和对自然的尊重。 这是一部伟大的交响曲。
今天我的大部分工作都是在低烧的“Raku技术”中制作瓮。 就像在交响乐中你有序曲,主题和结尾一样 – 所以它也在我们的生活中。

Sommaren / The summer, Peter Winquist, ceramic sculpture

Antonio Vivaldi, Peter Winquist, ceramic sculpture

Georg Friedrich Händel, Peter Winquist, ceramic sculpture


Li Dan 黎丹


The textile artist Li Dan used a combination of batik, tea dyeing and Katazome technique. The natural colors and the hand-dyeing process has been passed down in genetrations for thousands of years and reproduces the proudness of the Water Lily in the cold water. It has been, is and will continue be a very beloved part of the culture.

风骨 / In the wind, Li Dan 黎丹, tea-dyed textile, 型染、茶染蜡染, 2015

风骨 / In the wind, Li Dan 黎丹, tea-dyed textile, 型染、茶染蜡染, 2015

风骨 / In the wind, Li Dan 黎丹, tea-dyed textile, 型染、茶染蜡染, 2015


Cai TongXin 蔡同信
The use of ink-painted forms represents a continuous and sensitive experience of the inner world. In the face of different external stimuli, my spiritual world constantly integrates and digests external and internal phenomena. Through the most insatiable “painting” method, this kind of mobile experience and creation has been carried out over the years, so that the self-spirit is constantly thinking about new things. There is a phenomenon of conversion in the series and the series without landscapes.

生成系列 54/ No landscape series No.54, Cai TongXin 蔡同信,67 X 67cm, 2015

生成系列 52/ No landscape series No.52, Cai TongXin 蔡同信,67 X 67cm, 2014

生成系列 50/ No landscape series No.50, Cai TongXin 蔡同信,67 X 67cm, 2014


Huang Dan
Her works uses the form of an ink painting to draw an image of the state of mind with the contemporary depiction of nature. Behind this constructed drawings there is hidden a cultural memory deep inside. Providing another experience and feelings other than the rapid development and high-pressure urban life is the artist response as the attachment and yearning for a poetic life.

心境 / Mind landscape NO.1, Huang Dan 33 cm X 53 cm, 2019

心境 / Mind landscape NO.1, Huang Dan 33 cm X 53 cm, 2019

心境 / Mind landscape NO.1, Huang Dan 33 cm X 53 cm, 2019


Exhibition and opening pictures: